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Animalintex Poultice Pad 8" x 16"

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Why Aminalintex? Animalintex is the poultice and wound dressing suitable for a wide range of conditions and is renowned world-wide for its effectiveness,
and now improved with a stronger core for better strength when wet. This invauble emergency dressing is unique and proven that is composed of the following effective ingredients.

BORIC ACID BP ANTISEPTIC - minimises infection and re-infection, promotes healing.

TRAGACANTH - a natural poulticing agent, activated by water, draws out infected wounds, abscesses and reduces inflammation.

LOW ADHERENT SKIN CONTACT LAYER - prevents damaging the wound on removal and protects sensitive skin.   

IMPROVED COTTON WOOL - absorbs and holds away pus and infected secretions from the body. Also protects and warms.

CUSHIONED PROTECTIVE LAYER - protects against external re-injury from knocks and bumps.

PLASTIC BACKING - keeps out external contamination, keeps in moisture and warmth for faster healing.

ECONOMICAL TO USE - Animalintex is the only poultice and dressing you can cut to the size needed, keeping the remainder for later use, no need to waste.

NOTE:  This is a guide to the special properties of Animalintex and its value in the relief of diseases and wounds, particularly of the skin and legs.
Animalintex is not a "cure all" for the ills that may affect the animals under your care. If in doubt, always consult a veterinary surgeon.