Welcome to First Place Feeds

First Place Feeds is an Alberta based company that has focused its attention on developing a nutritional system for all levels and disciplines of equine athletes. We have raised the standard for equine feed programs as we focus on nutritional health and well-being, use only the highest quality Alberta-grown grains and we manufacture locally. We offer an in-depth analysis of your existing feed programs and the effectiveness it has with your horses’ daily routine. Contact us for more information on this program. 

Why is a Nutritional Program important for your horse?

It can help to improve overall health, which may lead to less visits from your veterinarian and can also enhance performance in and out of the competition arena. 

Attention U.S. customers: Many items are available for shipping to the U.S., please call for details.


Excellent product that maintains my horse at an appropriate level of Vitamin E in its blood despite being completely off grass for metabolic reasons.

Formosus Sporthorses on Vitamin E Supplement

Aspen Creek Training Centre has been using First Place Feeds products for over a year and enjoys both the quality and versatility of the feeds/ products offered by First Place Feeds. Our horses are able to put on weight and maintain a healthy weight all year round, even at the height of the competitive season. All our horses have glossy coats and great attitudes, they love to dig into First Place Feeds Complete feed every day.

Dagmar Fortmuller of Aspen Creek Training Centre on our Complete Feed